Approach Entertainment Signs Indian origin International Singer / Songwriter SomeyaBACK


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Approach Entertainment Signs Indian origin International Singer / Songwriter Someya

Mumbai:  Approach Entertainment, one of the Leading Celebrity Management, Film Productions and Entertainment Marketing Company in India has recently signed very popular Indian origin International Singer / Songwriter Someya .  Someya is a young, vibrant, prolific, and established singer-songwriter. At a very young age of 16, she has 4 successful music singles to her credit.

Gaining massive popularity in USA as solo singer of Western music including Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Alternative, the San Jose-based 16-years old singer-lyricist of Indian origin Someya is all poised to make her entry into the Bollywood with her latest album “Gold ”. She has appeared on stage in professional productions since elementary school. She further refined her skills while attending programs at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Someya regularly performs live across multiple venues.

Someya has already established herself in the USA with her Alt-Rock that is markedly different from the traditional ones as she weaves a story around the song keeping listeners bound to it. The “Gold” is an example of it. It is story-telling in “Gold” that made it popular in USA.

Now on, Approach Entertainment will be managing her career and talent in India and it incorporates PR, Live Performances, Casting, Brand Endorsements and other talent management activities. Approach Entertainment is India’s Leading Celebrity Management Agency with a roster of Bollywood Celebrities, TV Actors, Singers, Music Celebrities, Sports Celebrities, Writers and Performance Artists. Approach Entertainment has its offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Jalandhar and Goa. Approach Entertainment is being headed by award winning writer / director Sonu Tyagi who has his background in Journalism and Advertising.

Approach Entertainment, India’s leading Celebrity, Artists and Talent Management Agency will officially handle the portfolio of Someya to upgrade it and elevate in the Indian Film, TV and Music Industry. Someya now wants to set her foot in India particularly in the cine-world with her innovative music singles like “Gold” that was critically acclaimed worldwide. Someya believes a space is lying vacant in the Indian world of Alt-Rock and she wants to fill it.

Approach Entertainment will be responsible to endorse her in the Indian Film, Music and TV  Industry for Playback Singing, Music Collaborations with representing her for performances in Live Concerts and Events, Brand Endorsement etc.

Talking about the sign up, Sonu Tyagi, CEO Approach Entertainment says “Someya is an International singer. She is already a sensation in USA with four super hit music singles and numerous performances worldwide. She has perfect voice and music composition skills and we will be using this quality to promote and build up her profile in the Entertainment, Music and Bollywood Industry in India”. Further he added “Her international look and singing talent with a impressive music portfolio at a very young age will help her to grow in market, nationally and internationally both. Being a top Celebrity Management company in India, we are confident that we will make her a big brand on World music scene”

Approach Entertainment is India’s leading and Award winning Celebrity Management and Films Productions Company set up in 2004 with its Head Office in Mumbai and branch offices in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Jalandhar and Goa. Approach Entertainment is having specialized units in Celebrity and Talent Management, Films Productions, Advertising and Corporate Films Productions, Line productions, Films Marketing, Events and Integrated Entertainment Marketing services.

The company is also foraying into Bollywood Films Productions with its first Hindi film project in 2018. The company will be announcing the film project soon and the work is already going on the script and pre production. The company aims to produce content driven films in bollywood and have a slate of 2 releases in 2019. The company is also launching a Bollywood Newswire, Approach Bollywood which will focus on Bollywood news and content dissemination worldwide.

The fast growing Celebrity Management and entertainment marketing company also bagged “The Bizz India 2010 Award” in Entrepreneurial category given by World Confederation of Business. The company is part of Integrated PR and Marketing Communications group Approach Communications.

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